Hi, my name is Steph.

Hey guys! My name is Stephan, and as you may have already guessed, I like to take photos, lol. A lot of other photographers use this page to humble brag about their years of experience and awards they’ve earned or publications they’ve been in, and as important as those things are, I’d rather use this space for you to know me on a personal level. So here goes!

I’m actually a father of two! My wife and I have a little 4 year old and a 19 month old that I absolutely love taking photos of. I probably have tens of thousands of photos of my kids and my wife on my hard drive, and the collection just keeps getting larger! Before that, my subjects were everyone else around me— I would take photos and document my family and friends' lives as if I were making an editorial for them. I absolutely love taking candid photos as their genuine reactions translate well into an image, and I bring that with me on my sessions. I’ve been taking photos all my life, and I do not remember a time when there wasn’t a camera around my neck or in my pocket. 

I also like to tell a story with my photos, and each and every one of them have to speak to me because nowadays everyone has a capable camera in their pocket. It isn’t particularly too hard to take a well exposed photo with how advanced technology is today, so I made it my mission to not only take a mathematically correct photo, but one that gives you a certain feeling when you look back on it. If I had to choose between a perfectly exposed and in focus photo or one that is imperfect but conveys an emotion, I’d go with the latter every single time.

With that being said, I do have more than a decade of experience and I’ve learned so much from shooting hundreds of family sessions and events/weddings, so you’re not entirely in the hands of a newbie XD (/end humblebrag). Even with my shorter sessions, I strive to tell that story you want me to share in candid fashion, because who wants to look back at a photo and remember how awkward and “posed” that was? I know I don’t.

Yes, I am a photographer because I take photos, but I like to think that I’m more a visual storyteller than anything else. Maybe one day I’ll be able to tell your story if you’re interested in sharing it :).

Hey look! It's me.