Love always wins.

In the face of COVID, love always wins. Just ask Christina & Julian, who faced all odds and still managed to pull together a beautiful, intimate wedding with close family. The two finally tied the knot in February 2021 in Downtown LA, after first meeting each other 11 years ago at a party. Since then, the party hasn't quite stopped, with their special day being the best one thus far.

The Perfect Setting

Everything about Christina & Julian's day was nothing short of perfect. From the temperate, sunny Southern California weather, to the picturesque floor-to-ceiling windows at the mid-century modern The Line LA hotel, quite literally nothing could've been better. St. Basil Catholic Church was also a stone's throw away, and traffic was cooperative with us, which is something to note if you're familiar with Los Angeles, lmao. The lighting was perfect, the couple looked beautiful, the guests-- socially distanced but ever so present, and happy to be there for Christina & Julian.

Architecture to Match

Location and aesthetics were a major factor in Christina & Julian's decision to choose St. Basil and The Line LA for their nuptials. Both places were a block away from each other, and have interior design that matched-- bare concrete adorned the walls of each location, and the large, open room concept of their suite at The Line complemented the sky high ceilings of St. Basil. It was gorgeous. The couple's attention to detail definitely can be appreciated in the photos!

Introducing the Alajors

Pasadena City Hall Pictorial

With the pandemic surging, Christina & Julian made a conscious decision to forego the reception that was to take place at The Altadena Country Club in Pasadena. Despite the changes, we kept Pasadena City Hall as our pictorial location and spent the remaining daylight shooting around the area. The bridal party even continued the festivities for Christina & Julian, bringing a petite wedding cake for the two to cut at the city hall and share their first bite together!

Not one to skip out on any details, Christina & Julian commissioned the work of Robbie and his crew at Fad Era Productions to capture every moment in between. "Dramatic" is what Christina specifically asked for, and they nailed it! The wedding felt straight out of a preview trailer, with amazing cinematics and storytelling.

I can't wait to say I do. It's you. It has always been you.


I can't wait to say I do. It's you. It has always been you.


The Galleries

Moments like these are best spent with the ones you love, and the memories that come with them are meant to be remembered. We hope you enjoy these captures from the day and that it sparks a bit of nostalgia when you browse through them!

Wishing you the best, Christina & Julian! It was a pleasure capturing your moments on your special day, and seeing the genuine love between you two!

Photographer: Stephan Arias Photography

Videographer: Fad Era Productions