A love story for the ages.


Caleb and Hanna first met in late 2017 when Caleb was 18 and Hanna was 24. Caleb had joined the United States Marine Corps 5 months prior and was going through the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton. Hanna was a graduate student studying for her Comprehensive Exam to receive her Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology in Northridge, CA. How exactly did they meet?: No other explanation but God’s divine intervention.

The best wing-woman, for sure!

Hanna’s sister, Emma, was dating David, who went to USMC boot camp with Caleb. David was actually signed up for a later boot camp wave, but was called in to take the earlier slot. David and Caleb were assigned bunk mates, and cultivated a friendship that continued after boot camp. It was this series of events that allowed Emma to meet Caleb, upon which she began encouraging Hanna and Caleb to meet each other! 

Caleb was the one to reach out first. Crazy to think that a Facebook message is what started it all... They decided to meet on November 11, 2017 for pizza and coffee on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. That Veterans Day was indeed a memorable one, as Hanna landed her first job as an SLP just a few hours before she met her future husband for the first time.

Caleb and Hanna saw each other next on Thanksgiving, where Caleb’s rough and tough Marine ways were immediately put to use to help Hanna’s family construct a backyard patio xD. Talk about no time for Caleb to be bashful! Caleb and Hanna continued to keep in touch on social media. It started out as asking questions about their interests and upbringings, and it turned into sending little love notes of how much they enjoyed talking to each other. After Caleb’s School of Infantry graduation, he asked Hanna as they walked hand in hand, “Does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend yet?”.

And so they began to date! It was definitely not easy to see each other, as Caleb was stationed 3 hours away in Twentynine Palms, which meant lots of driving. Nevertheless, Caleb drove to Hanna’s house on all the weekends that he could. On the weekends that he couldn’t, Hanna drove to see him. Their love for each other grew deeper and deeper through dating and through Caleb’s 7 month deployment to Iraq. When Caleb returned from deployment, he quickly made the necessary arrangements, and at sunset on November 9, 2019, he proposed to Hanna at the beautiful Moonshadows Restaurant in Malibu.

Introducing the Pfannkuchs

December 20th, 2020

Fast forward a year later, and Caleb and Hanna are now married! COVID-19 derailed all their initial wedding plans, but by the grace of God, they still got married on their originally set date, December 19, 2020. Although it wasn’t as planned, it was beautiful; a small intimate ceremony at Emmaus Lutheran Church. The next day, on December 20, 2020, they got to enjoy the wedding ceremony and reception they’d been praying for! The love story of Caleb and Hanna is now 3 years in, but the beginning is oh so sweet; the story of a small town Marine and a big city SLP who fell in love and chose to love each other forever.

Hanna and Caleb employed the creative work of Featherlee Films to capture their special moment on video. With Hanna personally knowing the videographers beforehand, she knew that the end product was going to be amazing. You can view the highlight video below.

Crazy to think a Facebook message is what started it all.


Crazy to think a Facebook message is what started it all.


The Galleries

Moments like these are best spent with the ones you love, and the memories that come with them are meant to be remembered. We hope you enjoy these captures from the day and that it sparks a bit of nostalgia when you browse through them!

The celebration continues...

What's better than following up an amazing wedding celebration with a day to wear your dress again? Hanna and Caleb decided that they wanted more photos of her in her beautiful gown, this time with the breathtaking El Matador Beach as their backdrop. Despite the crowds, we managed to get some wonderful shots to capture more memories of their recent nuptials!

Malibu Beach Bridal Session


Wishing you the best, Hanna & Caleb! It was a pleasure capturing your moments on your special day, and seeing the genuine love between you two!

Photographer: Stephan Arias Photography

Videographer: Featherlee Films