The Story

Janis and Brian's love story is as unique as it is traditional-- in the Filipino sense, hahah. The couple, both nurses, met at work although they were nothing more than good coworkers. That is-- until a birthday invite to Lock and Key was sent out! In Janis' own words, "It definitely was a 'I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I won't forget' moment, lmao." Brian then continued to show interest, courting her by bringing her coffee and lunch to work, even on her days off. Janis eventually started to return the favor, sparking the interest even more. Food and coffee drop-offs became late night dates at Norms (perfect for these two as they both work nightshift), which evolved into planning travel vacations with each other, setting up Disneyland dates and satiating each others' love for trying out new food. It wasn't long before they realized they were a good fit, and the rest is history!

Vasquez Rocks

Almost a full year before their scheduled wedding date, we took Janis and Brian out to Vasquez Rocks for a one of a kind engagement session! The exotic landscape perfectly matched the aesthetics the two were going for, and the secludedness of the location made it the best place to get intimate.


“I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget.”

10.23.20 // Wedding Day

Introducing the Arcangels

October 23rd was their special day to remember! Janis and Brian tied the knot at St. Kevin's Catholic Church, followed by a small gathering at the Altadena Country Club in Pasadena. We decided to take our photo session on the streets of LA just outside of the church to capture that authentic Los Angeles feel, with the tail end of our session concluding in the beautiful ACC ballroom. The day did not disappoint, as you can see from their highlight video filmed by Soulful Studios below.

The Galleries

Moments like these are best spent with the ones you love, and the memories that come with them are meant to be remembered. We hope you enjoy these captures from the day and that it sparks a bit of nostalgia when you browse through them!

Congratulations again, Janis and Brian! It was a such a pleasure to capture your special moments throughout the past couple of years! I wish you two many more years of happiness and love :).

Photographer: Stephan Arias Photography

Videographer: Soulful Studios

MUA: Luong Lasting Team

DJ: DJ Buddy

Coordinator: One Four Three Events

Venue: Altadena Country Club